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Interview done under the auspices of the Center for the Study of Political Graphics.

Cheri Gaulke -
Cheri Gaulke is a performance artist who addressed themes of religion, sexual identity, and cultural transformation in her work.  In 1975, she was one of the founding participants of the Feminist Studio Workshop at the Women's Building.  She has presented work all over the world including on buses, in churches, and prehistoric temples.  Since moving away from performance art, she has worked in video installations and public art.  She also teaches.

Sue Maberry - Sue Maberry is the director of the Library at the Otis College of Design. Also an early force in the Women's Building, and the Women's Feminist Workshop there, she is currently mounting an exhibit about the Women's Building for Pacific Standard Time, the multi-discipline and multi-museum exhibit funded by the Getty about Southern California.

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