Activist Video Archive

Preserving progressive, multicultural voices of Los Angeles area activists and philanthropists.

Preserving progressive, multicultural voices of Los Angeles area activists and philanthropists.


Dear Friends and Donors:

For much of my work life, I have helped grassroots organizations raise money, either through event production or direct fundraising, soliciting the help of individuals and foundations. Most recently, I was board President of a non-profit that helps slavery victims.

We are 9 years into the Activist Video Archive and we need to work even faster and more comprehensively for the very simple reason that our history is being stripped away every time an activist passes on, becomes more vulnerable or simply loses the capacity to remember his/her life and times.

If you believe as we do, that history illuminates and informs the way to the future, please help us preserve our progressive political history by making a tax-deductible donation to the Activist Video Archive!  

We will use it wisely and well.  Feel free to contact any of our Advisory Committee if you don't know us personally and they will attest to how scrupulously we are using our resources.

You can make a tax deductible donation to our project by writing a check to:

Liberty Hill Foundation
6420 Wilshire Blvd. 
Suite 700 Los Angeles, CA. 90048

Please earmark it for the Activist Video Archive.

You can also make a tax deductible donation by going directly to:

Follow the prompts on the donation page.

Become a "Co-Producer" with us:
Out of an interview for the Activist Video Archive with Robert Scheer, we commenced a feature length documentary film project.  We now have a rough cut of that film we are refining We are raising finishing funds for ROBERT SCHEER - ABOVE THE FOLD separate from the Archive Project.  Those who donate will receive a digital copy or DVD of the film and a listing in the film's credits.

Donations to the Robert Scheer film are tax deductible and are also made out to the Liberty Hill Foundation and sent to the address below.  Please memo "RS film" on your check or credit card donation.

Become a Sustainer of The Activist Video Archive:
We have just initiated an Sustainer Campaign where donors make a three year commitment to the Archive Project, pledging to donate either $500 or $1000 a year for three years. This will be a great help to us so we can sustain and secure our work flow. 

Activist Video Archive Sustainers Include:

Steve Raymen

Paula and Barry Litt

Suzy Marks

June Pulcini and Marvin May

Paul Morris

Molly Rhodes

Susan Adelman and Claudio Llanos

Chino Cienega Foundation

Suzanne Escoffier and Patrick Bagacina

Mike Farrell

Fertig Freedom Foundation

Stephen Lesser

“Everything that is tearing us down today will become a memory, and this memory will be shared as an anecdote or a story or a poem or a play or a warning. It will be shared with another human being, who will then understand that he is not alone in his sadness. This is why we show up for others and tell our tales and listen to others. The great congregation meets daily, and you are someone’s angel today.”

-Tennessee Williams/Interview with James Grissom

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